Radish, Purple Sango (Raphanus Sativus)
Radish, Purple Sango (Raphanus Sativus)
Radish, Purple Sango (Raphanus Sativus)

Radish, Purple Sango (Raphanus Sativus)

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Radish - Purple Sango - Microgreens Seeds 

Latin Name:

Raphanus Sativus

Other Name(s):


2-3 hours

Preferred Growing Medium: 

Soil or Hydroponic

Blackout Time:

2 days

Germination Time:

2-3 days

Estimated time to Harvest:

8-10 days

Microgreen Color: 

dark red leaves tinged with green and rosy stems

Microgreen Flavor:

fresh, nutty, spicy

Microgreen Texture: 



Vitamins E, A, C, B6, and K, antioxidants, fiber, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, and manganese


Growing Directions:

Radish is fast-growing and easy to plant. This microgreen is crunchy and succulent.  It can be harvested as early as 6 days, due to its fast growth, assuming it is exposed to light on the 3rd day of growth. You can flip the lid a day before exposing it to light to strengthen the crop.

Radish microgreens are packed with nutritional benefits! A few of these benefits include:

  • Anti-inflammatory, which reduces swelling and pain in the body
  • Natural diuretic, which can aid in reducing blood pressure
  • Helps detoxify and cleanse the body

Seeds per Package:

  • 50 grams - Approximately 6,000 seeds
  • 100 grams - Approximately 12,000 seeds
  • 500 grams - Approximately 60,000 seeds
  • 1 kg - Approximately 120,000 seeds